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Life is Art

I am sure we all have heard this quote at some point in our lives "Life is Art", and not everyone can makes sense of that statement. In my years I have met so many personalities types, and I can imagine a person who seeks and lives in a world of numbers and logic the idea of a world of art is like an individual who loathes math trying to make sense of it.

As an artist I hope I can make sense of it to those who struggle to understand the importance of art in it's many forms and maybe even help fellow artists get inspired.

My opinion of art is that it is an expression and reaction of an individuals emotions. A large portion of people express their thoughts, experiences and emotions through some sort of art. Even a trades man/woman is an artist. It can be expressed through music, they could be a florist, a gardener, a hair stylist, there is even an art to creating food or even chemistry. So yes, art exists all around us.

Even in it's rawest form; imagine sitting on a mountain top just you, no one else is around you. It's you and nature and when you have that moment to shut out the world and see nature in its true form; how do I mean, not oh that is a tree and yeah the sky is above it; big deal, we see it every day. NO that is not what I am saying. It is quiet, no phone, no music no bustle of the modern day world. You are sitting on a rock and then you take a deep breathe in and hold for a few seconds and as you let it out, you open your eyes. You begin to hear the birds chirping, you feel that short breeze touch your face, you move slightly because you are beginning to feel the rough shape of the rock that tells a story of everything it has been through. Now you turn to you right because you hear a buzzing noise and you witness the moment a group of bumble bees dance with the colors of nature and takes the sweetness of the wild flowers that surround you.

You suddenly hear a noise to your left and you jerk around to notice in the distance a mother deer and her fawn as they shuffle through the tall grass grazing their surroundings. It is in that moment you realize or remember the Earths beauty and the art that is sacred and secret behind "those trees" or hiding under "the sky". The same thought applies to the art form. Yeah that experience can bee expressed as I just did into words but as I mentioned before it is how the person sees it and is able to express whether it is an emotion, a thought, or an experience.

Art has been compared to meditation, and I can contest to that it has been for me. People often think meditation for example is a person in their spanx in a room with their legs crossed, eyes closed and just "humming" away. Meditation can be done at any point in a persons day, it is a moment of calm, awareness and reflection. If you have the time to sit in a quiet room to meditate that is great, but most people will have experiences as they are driving to work and thinking about the good times that passed over the weekend, or that moment the light bulb went off in your head about that issue you just couldn't see through and then you take a moment to reflect upon it. Art flows in the same way.

Maybe you only have 1 hour before your next meeting and you just need to go on a quick run to get rid of that anxiety and during your run you see the way that tree down the street leans a certain direction that you always complain it needs to come down. This time you realize that the way it leans casts a shade on a spot that had a tree been planted in any other position that same shadow would not be able to be casted. Taking the time to notice this trees uniqueness happens to sparks an emotion in you to see everything you were nervous about your next meeting was unnecessary because you are presenting in your own uniqueness and there never was a reason to worry to begin with.

Let's take it to a more obvious approach. Especially today where we have all these social media platforms. People are popping out their uniqueness or let's say stupid things. I myself don't like everything I see. There will always be that one person who maybe created something that I to have felt but didn't know how to express it but they were able to. There is no need to envy or be angry because when we reflect on their expression most likely it will spark something even deeper than what we originally were trying to reflect. Sometimes someone else expression can inspire or it can even heal. There has been times I have had those big life questions that for the life of me I just couldn't understand and then I go to an art museum and look into the eyes of a painting and get pulled in and for some reason the expression or emotion I see in those eyes are all the answer I needed to find peace. Let's go back to the stupid posts, maybe that made someone laugh who couldn't find any joy in their life, or even maybe it inspired someone else to accomplish what they were struggling with. In the end nothing is stupid and everything has it's place in this forever changing world.

Yes, art is life, it surrounds us in everywhere we go. Even in the modern material world it exists. When you are in a hurry to the point you think the world is going to come to an end if you don't get to your destination now. Remember you are not going to get fired for being 1 minute late and if you do then maybe that job wasn't for you, but remember to stop for just one minute, take a deep breathe in, with your eyes closed and as you exhale open your eyes and see what's surrounds you. Even take a moment to express it in your head whether it is in dance form, or a song that brings back fond memories, or reminds you of your loved ones eyes. When you remember to look at the art around you, it will balance your emotions and the outcome of your day. We are all artists so start painting your path.

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