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In this book you will learn how to have your own colorful garden, the powers of magic and nutrition that it holds. Whether you are looking for food, beauty recipes, or a shift in your personal energy. This book is an easy guide to use nature's gifts and surround yourself in beauty and selflove.


New Book Coming in 2024

Over the course of my life, I have often been questioned as to why I have never entertained the idea of penning a book about my journey. My story is one that encompasses a tumultuous childhood marred by abuse, heartbreak, and a constant battle with self-doubt. Yet, amidst the darkness and pain, I have consistently discovered the strength to emerge even more resilient.


Within the pages of my tale, you will encounter exotic love stories that end in tragedy, the devastating grip of illness in its most heart-wrenching form, and a relentless journey through mental and emotional abuse, and yet, I have managed to navigate the path towards healing and triumph over every obstacle that fate has thrown my way.


A Bitter Symphony

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