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How the public perceives your company.

Amongst all the other things you have to worry about when starting a new or running an existing business is making sure your audience is getting a clear understanding of what you do and/or sell.

Branding is how the public perceives your company and what you do. Though you the business owner, have your vision and/or your employees are relaying this to your audience that may not always be the case. It is important to have a branding personality that you and your employees follow when putting any information out into the world. Branding is so much more than having  a great ad or perfect logo. 




Keep consistency


There is a process in understanding how branding works and this is a design that isn't only in the website, hard copies and social media. It is in the  language used also throughout all employees, it is a culture. A culture you share with your customers when they read about or enter a shop and say "Yes, I felt that" throughout the their whole experience when working with your business.






My job is to help you find your branding personality. We will have several meeting points where we will be going through the following steps to create your business branding personality.

- Visual Brand Identity

- Brand Voice

- Brand Strategy

- Brand Guidelines

- Understanding the digital experience

- Activating your brand

-Teaching you and your team how to manage every interaction maintaining your brand.

Hiring a brand strategist or coach is one of the best investments you will make in your ventures with your business. Your job is to create and run your business. When hiring Hlektra, a brand strategist, I have years of experience in arts, photography, picture design, advertising, marketing, people relations and connections. I am equipped in the understanding the responses and personalities of your audience and potential customers, while you just focus on your business. I will help you find the right language and visual on all platforms that will grab the attention of your audience. I will also train you and your employees how to keep your culture true to your brand and how to manage it moving forward. Push the pencil and let's starting drawing out your branding design...

What is Branding?

Why is it Important?

How does it work?

Why hire Hlektra for my branding?

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